FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic
FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic

City of Gold with Vagabond Jack's

Ditch the popcorn and join us for a more gourmet movie experience with everyone’s favorite boutique movie theatre The Globe Theatrette in seaside Ahuriri. We’ve lined up foodie film festival hit, City of Gold, which chronicles Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic Jonathan Gold’s relationship to a sprawling metropolis, Los Angeles. Gold has long been adored in his hometown for his cultural writing about L.A.’s hidden culinary treasures. With a stroke of his pen, he’s changed the lives of countless immigrant chefs, newly discovered by voracious foodies who avidly track his reviews. City of Gold explores the rigor, knowledge, and curiosity of Gold's odyssey-like quests for new food experiences. You won't have to watch all this deliciousness on an empty stomach: Hawke’s Bay's own mobile food caravan Vagabond Jack's will be parked up in front of the Globe to provide fresh and tasty food to take into the film with you. Vagabond Jack's trademark brand of moveable feasts from around the world is the perfect match for the diverse and funky eateries featured in the film.

City of Gold is rated M (offensive language)
$35 includes movie ticket and a portion of street style food by Vagabond Jack's

F.A.W.C! Food and Wine Classic is the hottest festival on New Zealand’s culinary calendar. We’ve turned the idea of traditional food festivals on their head by creating a series of events that are refreshingly different. With more than 75 delectable events over 10 glorious days, F.A.W.C! is a celebration of all things food and wine in Hawke’s Bay. Life doesn’t get better than this.

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