FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic
FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic

Art of Pasta

Farmhouse kitchen has invited Danny Brown from Danny's Pasta to share his passion about making handcrafted artistic authentic Italian Tortellini’s and Ravioli's, delicate parcels filled with beautiful handmade Homemade Ricotta Cheese or Farmhouse Kitchen Slow Cooked Beef. Learn from the master as Danny takes you through a hands-on workshop and reward yourself with a divine two-course lunch and glass of wine.

Ticket includes three hours of workshop with hands-on activities, sit-down two-course lunch and glass of wine. Take home recipes and some homemade shaped pasta.

F.A.W.C! is a delicious event series of "out of the box" food and wine experiences, set in stunning landscapes and locations throughout Hawke's Bay, New Zealand twice a year. Make your way to Hawke’s Bay this June for Winter F.A.W.C! for four fabulous weekends of ‘out of the box’ food and wine events set in some of Hawke’s Bay’s most stunning locations. Hunker down with roaring fires, musical notes and endless lashings of local produce prepared in warming ways. Glasses of rich, full bodied reds will be taking centre stage as Hawke’s Bay’s food and wine heroes strut their stuff at over 60 events.

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