FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic
FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic
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What's the Catch?

Pull up a chair at The Quarry Underground Cellar and dine on succulent seafood at this incredible shared banquet. Head Chef Casey McDonald will design and prepare the delicious spread.

If you consider yourself a foodie adventurer and love delving into the unknown, there will be an ‘out of the box’ angle on at least one seafood item to keep you on your toes. With new release white wines to be had and a boatload of great company to go with it, the only catch is making sure you’re there to experience it all.

Brimming with exquisite fresh produce and world-class food and wine, it’s clear to see why Hawke’s Bay is hailed as an epicurean’s dream destination. It’s a tough job knowing where to start, so that’s why we created F.A.W.C! Food and Wine Classic – your one-stop culinary festival that brings together the best on offer from across the region. With 70+ events set in stunning locations over 10 glorious days, Summer F.A.W.C! is proving life doesn’t get better than this.

Make the most of your F.A.W.C! experience by getting someone else to take care of the driving. Find out your options on the Transport page of the F.A.W.C! website.

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