F.A.W.C! at the Farmers' Market

Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market is, in our humble opinion, New Zealand's finest. A trip to the sprawling, vibrant market on Sunday morning is about as close as it gets to a Hawke's Bay institution for locals and visitors alike.

Market Manager Emma Glover watches on each Sunday from the best set in the house - we caught up to talk about spring produce, sustainability, and their F.A.W.C! event, 'Pick of the Market.'


What can market goers look forward to with Hawke’s Bay spring produce?

The beginning of spring is always tricky, there is always great anticipation of the season, but everything is weather dependant. We look forward to having the most amazing heirloom tomato seedling in the market from Links Organics and the first signs of asparagus towards the end of September, along with the market moving back outside into the beautiful Waikoko Gardens at the A&P Showgrounds. Everything leads on from this point … new stalls starting, strawberries, broad beans, peas, endless salad varieties, apricots and so much more.

Can you share your favourite dish to make from fresh spring produce?

My favourite spring dish is a risotto using Holly bacon and new season asparagus, broad beans and peas, a squeeze of lemon and a good splash of wine!


What are some of the sustainability initiatives at the market?

We have two key sustainability initiatives at the moment, our Waste Not initiative has been operating for nearly two years now - we sort and compost all the customer waste produced during the markets, diverting on average 90% of the rubbish from landfill. Also we are in our final stages of having all stalls becoming Plastic Carry Bag free. This summer we are asking our customers to help keep the pond water and wildlife healthy by not the feeding them bread.

Why should the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Markets be on every visitor's must-do list? 

We offer a free, truly unbeatable experience for the whole family, showcasing some of Hawke’s Bay's best food and beverages.

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Tell us about your upcoming Summer F.A.W.C! event – Pick of the Market? 

Well … we are picking the best of the market’s delicious artisan fresh and produced products and packing them into a delightful picnic. Ticket holders need to pick three of their favourite friends to relax and share a drink and this picnic with in a gorgeous spot of the market, exclusive to F.A.W.C!ers.

Ready for your Pick of the Market?

Picnicking galore, live music, and the beautiful Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market surrounds awaits you.

Get three friends or family members together and purchase your tickets here.