F.A.W.C! Events Under $100

It's no secret this Winter F.A.W.C! is bursting at the seams with incredible events, thanks to Hawke's Bay's leading winemakers, chefs and other foodie masters bringing their talent to the table for you F.A.W.C!ers.

If whisky, wine, international cuisine, farmland produce or vegetarian fare is up your alley, then we've got some good news, you can enjoy it all at F.A.W.C!

We've rounded up five events under $100 that will be sure to tickle your taste buds. 

Cooking Safari

Enjoy the ‘how to’ of cooking with the much-lauded and award-winning chef Christopher Stockdale. You’ll enjoy a four-course tasting menu and a splash of four delicious local wines. Gather with us in the beautiful Wallingford and its surrounds, collecting edible goodies from the garden, trufflery and farmland.

Don't Let Monday Ruin your Sunday

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Explore the world of Whisky, Whiskey and Bourbon with our resident subject matter expert, Nigel Kelly. With 30+ years’ experience in the wine and spirits industry, Nigel will provide an exciting tasting tour around the globe, presenting six whiskeys sourced from New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, the US and Taiwan.

Sacred Muse

Interact with acclaimed artist John Lancashire as he works on another stunning oil painting, watch local legend Kent Baddeley as he creates culinary magic, and taste barrel samples of incredible wine with award-winning Sacred Hill winemaker Jack Cornes. They’ll share inspiration and insights on three very distinct art forms; oil painting, cuisine and winemaking. 

Vege Bang Bang

It’s four-course vegetarian fare that will make you throw your appetite for meat out of the window faster than you can say ‘quinoa’. Join brilliant chef Francky Godinho as he crafts a vibrant, mouth-watering lunch. Whether you’re a long-converted vegetarian or a good old-fashioned meat lover, this afternoon of grazing will be sure to satisfy any taste.

Wild & Vine

Church Road has teamed up with Wild Game Salamis to present the ultimate blending afternoon for game meat enthusiasts. Chief Winemaker Chris Scott will guide participants through creation of their own Church Road wine blend, while Rob Beard from Wild Game Salamis will help teams to produce the perfect wild sausage.



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