Meet Georgina Langdale of Archeus

Nestled in Napier’s Poraiti hills, Archeus founder Georgina Langdale can be found wrapped in the welcoming arms of nature at her apothecary and studio. Working in her special space, Georgina uses the flora on her doorstep to create botanical products that help people as they pass through life’s transitions, as she says “nature can help you through the tough stuff”.

Georgina knows all about going through the tough stuff - she experienced a childhood marked with episodes of abuse. Searching for a way to process her reality, Georgina escaped into the forest neighbouring her home where she says nature was there for her when no one else was. “Nature can teach us a lot about our own resilience, and when we treat it with respect and understand its many attributes,” she says. “It can truly make our own lives happier and healthier.”

Although Georgina’s professional life has seen her live throughout the world, and most recently, work at the United Nations in Europe, Georgina says she felt “increasingly disconnected from nature”.  After 23 years abroad, she returned to New Zealand and created a business that would fulfill her passion, walk the talk and ultimately give back to the Hawke’s Bay land that nurtured her as a child. Thus, Archeus (Ah-kee-us) was born. The name means ‘the vital life force that resides in us, Nature and the universe’ and Georgina hopes that people feel a closer connection to, and understanding of Nature when they use her products.

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In her apothecary, Georgina creates balms, serums, creams, anointing oils, body washes, plant essences & elixirs, and botanically-infused natural burial shrouds. She also leads workshops where people can make their own botanical skincare, connect to nature, gain a certificate in Archeus Plant Essences & Elixirs and explore the smudge, scent, and magic of aroma rituals. In addition, every Archeus product sold contributes to plant conservation activity in Hawke’s Bay, where she currently supports the habitat restoration work of Argyll East Primary School.

F.A.W.C! Food and Wine Classic is thrilled to welcome Georgina into the F.A.W.C! family this November. Joining forces with celebrity chef Nici Wickes, the duo will be bringing their knowledge of nature to nurture bellies and bodies at ‘Eating Beauty’. Georgina has been wanting to put on this event for a while now as she loves to “show people the different ways we can work with plants, not just for their beauty, but for our beauty and well-being too."

"I want to help reframe people’s notions of food, skincare and well-being and give people the knowledge to make things for themselves.”

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When asked on what to expect from the event, Georgina’s excitement is palpable. “Learn how everyday plants we see in our gardens, roadsides and pastures can be used as powerful healers, beauty aids and treatments internally and externally,” she comments. “I’ll show people to make their very own skin care products using plants that they can grow in their own garden and they’ll get to make their own personalised botanic mist to use alongside the cream and recipes they’ll receive as a gift.”

“Nici then takes some of those ingredients we’ve used to make beauty products and will create a mouth-watering menu, which we’ll then get to enjoy within the Archeus Apothecary and surrounding gardens.”



Now is the perfect time to set aside time for some self-love, to reconnect with nature, and share in the magic at ‘Eating Beauty’. To purchase your tickets to this special one-off event, click here.

To find out more about Georgina including the Archeus products and workshops, visit her website here.