Q&A with Pauline Korevaar

Pauline Korevaar's world revolves around food.  Passionate about diet and nutrition, Pauline studied and worked in the Netherlands before locating to Hawke's Bay where she opened Farmhouse Kitchen - the family-run cooking school situated at the back of Havelock North. Pauline is all about plating up practical and delicious meals that will help people gain confidence in the kitchen while having plenty of fun along the way.

We talked to Pauline about Farmhouse Kitchen, her special connection to F.A.W.C!, and her events 'Noël, A French Christmas' and 'Red & Yellow & Pink & Green.'

Pauline Op.4Tell us about yourself Pauline, and your cooking school, Farmhouse Kitchen.
I'm a nutritionist and cooking teacher, trained in the Netherlands and have been based in Hawke's Bay for 23 years. I'm a mother of 4 boys, and am passionate about nutritious menus.

I organise workshops and team building for groups enthusiast and corporates. I can create anything from Sourdough and Goats Cheese, to special events like ‘The Art of Pasta’ this year and ‘Noël, A French Christmas’.

What was the inspiration behind starting Farmhouse Kitchen?
I opened Farmhouse Kitchen 8 years ago as I wanted to create space for a hands-on cooking, for a real food experience. So, it is not just demonstration but smelling and feeling and trying the recipe out so you can make it your own.

Farmhouse Kitchen FAWC event 600x400pxWhat’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?
I love teaching people and making them feel confident in creating something new. People leave empowered and inspired - they have made something yummy and made new friends.

Or, the CEO from the office with an apron on is also just a nice person, instead of a person in a suit! Cooking together dissolves the boundaries. It is my task to make feel everyone at home. So, when the man tells his wife after returning his touring bus with the group that he hadn’t had such nice meal since travelling here in NZ…I am very happy!

Farmhouse Kitchen 600x400px 1What does F.A.W.C! mean for Farmhouse Kitchen, and what brings you back each year with such great events?
F.A.W.C! is like a big family now - I have been part from the beginning – and it is special to create new events every year. We have sell-outs every time, and have even repeated some events like ‘Goats Cheese Making’, ‘Art of Pasta’ or a Lamb workshop. It was very special to teach Ray McVinnie last year all about how to make Goats Milk Cheese!

These are small events with a special guest tutor that shares their passion. It is informal, and we always sit down to a themed menu with a special chosen glass of wine.

Pauline RayWhat can F.A.W.C!ers look forward to at your F.A.W.C! events ‘Noël, a French Christmas’ and ‘Red & Yellow & Pink & Green...”
This year I have invited Kem Ormond from Maison de Cuisine for ‘Noël, A French Christmas’. For two Saturday’s, participants will make an organic Bostock Chicken Terrine and a special dessert, and then will sit down to a Christmas Country Table with all candles, Stars and Country Christmas.

There is the fully plant-based workshop, “Red & Yellow & Pink & Green” where we will use the colours of the rainbow to create a fully plant-based menu - 7 colours, 7 dishes. Just like the Magenta Red Buckwheat Gnocchi and an Indigo Blue Chia Dessert.