Hygge at Clifton Bay

Te Awanga

Come and try our Hygge-made Ravioli!  Carefully encasing our Hygge juicy, enriched beef cheek, on a spicy nut and bacon sauce, made with our special Hygge ingredients and preparation.
A delicious memorable moment. HYGGE!

We're a cafe based on the concept of cozy contentment, and well being. ​ Enjoying the small things in life!

Open for breakfast and lunch. Bookings for F.A.W.C! by 5 are essential as prepared in advance.

Our food is sourced locally, ethically and as much as we possibly can, organically. Our baristas only use organic and ethically sourced coffee.  Vegan and gluten free options available.

Hygge is a Danish term pronounced "Hue Guh". It means the essence of what is good in this life. Whether warmed by the fire or warmed by the heart. The loving acceptance and enjoyment of the moment alone or together, away or at home ordinary or extraordinary with family or friends. We believe in creating a sense of comfort.​ The place you are in, the people you are with, is important to us, so we aim to create you a sanctuary.We believe in celebrating and appreciating the seasons and look to making space to warm the heart. Our food is sourced ethically and as much as we possibly can, organically. Our decor is chosen with the feeling of home in mind and we hope it sparks joy with you. 

Immerse yourself in the gift of the moment.


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