Pipi Cafe

Havelock North

Pipi Cafe will be serving a 3 course local and seasonal plant based menu. Think turmeric and seed crackers with cashew nut cheese, chickpea omelette filled with roast pumpkin, kale and red onions, lemon tart with coconut yogurt...

Pipi Cafe believes food has the ability to nurture, nourish and delight which is why Alexandra Tylee is choosing to celebrate F.A.W.C! this year by offering a plant based menu. Rather than jumping on the latest food trend Alex has long been fascinated by the way eating good food, and sharing meals together can have a very positive impact on your mind and your body.

Wine pairings available as extra on the night. Only at dinner and bookings are essential.

All F.A.W.C! by 5 deals are to be booked direct with the venue and paid for after dining. 

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