Lyle Minhinick

Lyall has loved cooking since he was a young boy watching his nana cook for him and his poppa. The smells and aromas drifting from the kitchen, spiced meats, fried bread, syrup, are some of his fondest memories; and what gave him the urge to cook.
The reality for Lyall growing up was more challenging than most. The food he and his nana made nourished them, but his passion for food inspired him to become more creative with his cooking –– he decided he wanted to be a chef.
Lyall left school at the age of 14 and began planning his life. He got a job at a gas station and worked there until he was old enough to start a hospitality course at Manukau Polytech. While studying he landed his first job as a kitchen hand. Watching the chefs communicating and enjoying what they were doing showed him commitment, leadership, team work and passion.
“Seeing this gave me a warm homely feeling and comfort. I had washed too many dishes and decided I wanted to cook, run the services and lead the kitchen. This was a foot in the door for me.”
During his teen years he worked in kitchens with all different styles experiencing some great moments and meeting some great people. This kept up his interest in cooking and inspired him to find more places to explore.
Two and a half years ago Lyall headed to the South Island on a food tour with his partner, Aunty and Uncle - which also included the six60 concert in Dunedin. The night before the concert they were searching for the best seafood place to eat and somehow landed several hours up the road at Fleurs Place in Moeraki. Lyall returned after the concert and has never left.

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