Amy Farnsworth


I first stumbled down the wine rabbit hole during my years working in the Vancouver hospitality and wine retail scene. The friendly nickname Amoise arose during a memorable wine challenge and has stuck to this day. 

My never ending thirst for knowledge sent me to work in Central Otago, where I fell in love with biodynamic farming. In Burgundy I completed my diploma in Viticulture & Winemaking. My time living and working in France allowed me to soak up the historical culture of wine, as well as learn from hardworking vignerons who put their energies and efforts into the vineyards to enable them to simply guide their grapes to the winery and bottle with minimal intervention.

After several harvests in France, Australia, Italy & Canada I came back to my home in NZ. In 2018 through the support of my family and amazing wine community I was able to produce my first wine. I work with certified organic grapes sourced locally in Hawke's Bay because I believe in responsible farming, improving the health of our soils and what we put into our bodies. This is why I produce wines with no additions or adulterations of any kind.

instagram: @amoisewines 

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