Claire Guenegan


Chef Claire Guenegan

She has been a Pastry Chef for 15 years. Originally from France, she learnt all the basic recipes and skills by working in different regions in France. She did diplomas specialising in chocolate work and sweet making, and won few contests chocolate showpieces, candy and cake.

After she did a Bakery internship in Norway to gain greater experience and technical skills about dough.

She worked for three years in New York City, with some of the best Chefs and Pastry Chefs, such as Payard, Financier, Americano Hotel and Carlyle Hotel. She also does a lot of consulting helping small businesses, Cafe, Restaurant, Wholesaler and Caterers, growing their production and improving their sales. And on top she does demonstrations for culinary shows, tastings and training.

It has been five years that New Zealand has been her new home. Since she arrived, she worked for Heritage Hotels, Dawson's Catering and Hipgroup Amano restaurant. Bringing her expertise and knowledge, she has been creating desserts, cakes, tarts, gateaux matching the New Zealand palate. She has discovered so many new flavours and traditional recipes, that she likes to give a twist and bring my little french touch!

Claire started teaching three years ago for community colleges and culinary schools, she wanted to share her experiences with everyone. Patisserie is an art where everyone can express their creativity and share it with people they love.

She really enjoyed sharing her experience, and tips with her students." There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the smile on the face of someone eating or offering a product that they just create. I saw people entering my courses, shy, worried, anxious and leaving at the end proud , happy and relieved, ready to share their creations with everyone." Claire

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