Gary Grootelaar


One of my best friends Herman Den Blijker had a restaurant in Rotterdam that had a Michelin star and I have cooked with him in his restaurant and for him at another of his locations the prestigious Yacht Harbor also in Rotterdam.

During my time with Herman I was introduced to our Meat supplier who had a special breed of cow synonymous with the south of Holland. The meat we used were only Heffers that were 3 yrs of age and have had a calf, that way the animals reach there natural weight/size and develop more flavour. We used all the cuts of the cow including all the cuts that we here in NZ only use for stews and casseroles, cuts like ..blade/chuck/topside and body skirt were all served the same way as steak, cooked quickly.

The supplier was Paul Van Den Berg, and he along with Herman have help change the way people in Holland look at different cuts of meat.
Mr Van Den Berg delivered to all the Michelin stared restaurants in The Netherlands as well as other top restaurants, and also had 2 butcher shops where the public could by his meat.

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