Graeme Miles


Graeme Miles, the new head chef at the Mission Restaurant is back where he feels he belongs.  ‘I was last at the Mission in 2012 and it’s a bit of an obsession really,’ explains Graeme, ‘it’s a place that is evolving and demands constant attention and like a well-oiled machine it needs to be calibrated from time to time,’ he adds. 

Graeme’s cooking odyssey began when he left school at 16 and headed to the ‘big smoke’ Wellington, to start his apprenticeship.  He learnt his craft working at Boulcott Street Bistro, the Duxton Hotel, and several resorts in the South Island.  

In 2006 he headed back to Hawkes Bay and worked at the Mission until 2012 before heading overseas to further enhance his cooking credentials.  He spent time working in Australia, Scotland and England.  

‘My food philosophy is simple - I cook what I like to eat,’ says Graeme.  ‘It’s all about combinations that taste great and then delivering those flavours simply.’ 

‘I’m loving being back in Hawke’s Bay and at the Mission.’  ‘What’s not to love, a spectacular setting and with so much great produce on our doorstep it’s a fantastic place to be.’     

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