John (Mac) Macpherson

Drinks Specialist

Advintage is one of New Zealands largest wine retailers and the operator of the multi award winning website 

For Mac, this was the classic indulge-a-passion-adventure. Blessed with the ability to sell ice to Eskimos, but cursed with a fear of snow and travel, he targeted the wine industry with the zealous passion of a man who could finally buy as much wine as he wanted without his accountant and long suffering wife doing the haka.

It was clear from the start that traditional marketing behaviour was not on Mac’s radar and Advintage was never going to be like other wine businesses. Famously opinionated about everything and with a natural aversion to pretentious wine gits, Mac is notorious for charging off in all directions while the rest of the Advintage team nod knowingly and get on with running the business.

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