Kate Fay

 Kate Fay is head chef at the iconic Auckland restaurant, Cibo Parnell. She is also a Beef + Lamb Platinum Ambassador Chef - a prestigious lifetime award only extended to eight other chefs in the nation.

Kate is the first woman to gain this status, which recognises her outstanding achievements during the Beef and Lamb Excellence Awards which ran from 1997 to 2019. During these years she was named an Ambassador Chef multiple times and was awarded the Platinum status in 2018.

She says being the first female chef to receive Platinum status was phenomenal and a huge privilege to represent Beef + Lamb New Zealand, an organisation that is pivotal to the food service industry. As a chef she feels very lucky to work with top quality, local produce.

Over time Kate’s cooking style has evolved through travel and she has managed to capture a blend of Asian and European flavours matched with New Zealand produce to bring amazing tastes, colours and textures to the plate. Kate is always looking to raise the bar in terms of innovation behind her dishes.

One of the reasons Kate has become so influential with New Zealand beef and lamb are her creative dishes such as lamb lollipops and lamb neck sausage rolls which have become iconic menu items over the years at Cibo.

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