Mary-Jeanne Hutchinson


In the fall of 1993, Mary-Jeanne Hutchinson shared a long and leisurely meal with father Terry Peabody and mother Mary. The meal was not without purpose with Mary-Jeanne and Mary expressing to Terry that they wanted to extend the family passion and go into the wine business. Together they decided they would make truly great wine somewhere in the world, later deciding on New Zealand.

With a strong family background in the hospitality industry and having studied wine marketing at the famed Roseworthy College in South Australia, Mary-Jeanne became involved in the sales and marketing of Craggy Range while it was in its infancy. Ever the itinerant brand ambassador and with intimate knowledge of the wines, Mary-Jeanne travels throughout the world conducting tastings and wine dinners, “I never tire of seeing another bottle of Craggy Range wine ordered to the table at restaurants around the world”. Her background in events and hospitality offers Mary-Jeanne the advantage of being able to work closely with chefs, matching menus with wines to showcase the food and wine at its best.

Extending the familial connection, Mary-Jeanne’s husband Scott Hutchinson’s building company was enlisted to build both the Giants Winery and Gimblett Gravels Winery in Hawke’s Bay.
Mary-Jeanne lives in Brisbane, Australia with Scott and their four children.

To write to Mary-Jeanne email or connect at @crmaryjeanne.

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