Maxine Scheckter


I was born in South Africa but grew up in Wellington from the age of 2. My parents own a deli/food shop/ wholesaler called On Trays, and I grew up in the shop, starting to work as soon as I was old enough. When I was 16 I decided to become a pastry chef and enrolled for the course at WelTec. At the same time I began working in the pastry kitchen at Logan Brown on weekends and school holidays (as I was still in high school). By the time I started Weltec in January 2013 my volunteer work at Logan Brown turned into a paid position.

While I studied cookery for one year at Weltec, and pastry for 6 months after, I competed in a range of competitions, including the Toque D’or and an international college competition in which we went to Hong Kong.
Before the 6 months of pastry study began in the beginning of 2014 I began working at Floriditas Bakery, and was accepted into Ferrandi L’ecole Gastronomie in Paris for their advanced professional patisserie diploma course. I moved to Paris in August 2014 and spent 6 months studying at Ferrandi, and then the following 6 months working as an intern at a small patisserie called Gateaux Thoumieux.
After leaving Paris when my visa ended, I took a few months off at home before moving to London in January 2016. I worked at a restaurant called Sketch, in London, for 6 months, where I worked making plated desserts for their instagram famous ‘Gallery” Dining Room”

In June 2016 I began a job as a pastry chef at the 3 Michelin starred Fat Duck, were I worked for a year producing a range of different desserts and confectionery over different sections.
After this I took a break from the kitchen and worked in the famous borough market, selling fruit and veg at Turnips, one of the original stallholders.  In December 2017 I came home to Wellington, and in January, I signed the lease for Sugar Flour.

Sugar Flour opened as a patisserie at the end of February 2018, we operated only 3 days a week serving 10 different sweet and savoury pastries. In January 2019 we transitioned to a pastry school, teaching the pastries that we had sold as a patisserie.

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