Mike Moloney

Mike and his wife Marion moved to New Zealand in 2005.

Hailing from South Africa and Marion from Scotland, it wasn’t long before they settled in sunny Hawke’s Bay and fell in love with the produce, wine and people.

Always keen to provide food for others, they started out catering for close friends and their families. ‘Silence of the Lambs’, named with what some might call a dark sense of humour, grew in popularity over time.

Following plenty of positive reviews (having not killed anyone as yet), they soon became busier than expected, providing for larger crowds and F.A.W.C. events.

After working in one of New Zealand’s top winery restaurants for a season and with the support of his fabulous wife, the decision was made to move forward with a new project.

The idea to combine the catering business and provide mouth watering morsels throughout the Bay on a regular basis, sparked the start of Buffalo Bill.

With a former coffee cart purchased for overhaul and the generous assistance from a collection of friends, the 6th of September 2020 officially marks the beginning of their dream to fill the bellies of deserving Hawke’s Bay locals and bring some fantastic chat (albeit sometimes inappropriate) to the servery window.

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