Nigel Kelly

Drinks Specialist

With 30 thirty year's “experience” in the World of Wine, Whisky and Beer Nigel Kelly has travelled the globe and by his own admission “to have been extraordinarily lucky to have visited some of the world biggest, best and most famous vineyards, chateaux, breweries distilleries” All while getting paid!

He is often asked what is his favourite Whisky, Whiskey or Bourbon and really it all depends on what time of the day it is … and yes there are breakfast Whiskies.

This tasting will be a wide ranging look into the world of Whisky and we will attempt to discuss the production and history that is part and parcel of the alchemy of arguably the world’s greatest spirit. We will also look at the behind the scenes stories ranging from everyday skullduggery, straight up lawbreaking, murder and the swindle which nearly ruined the entire Scottish Whisky industry. Some of this will even be true. :-)

This is a session to be as much entertainment as it is education.

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