Stacia Jensen


Raised in Portland by a corporate Mum who now runs a free-range, kennel-free dog ranch, Stacia’s childhood plastic consumption habits were miles away from the life she leads today. Ziplock bags that went straight in the trash, next to no recycling, and low awareness of how the everyday actions of people affect our planet. When tragedy struck Stacia’s life and she lost her husband, she left the USA and arrived in New Zealand, in what would turn out to be a 12 year healing journey and the start of LilyBee Wrap. It was when Stacia was working as a yoga teacher that she began to question her own use of plastic, and the toxicity of it in her food. What followed was a little home passion project, tinkering with beeswax wrap recipes in a bid to eliminate single use food wrap from her home and yoga community, slowly perfecting the LilyBee formula now known and loved by millions across the world. However, it was the birth of Stacia’s first son which spurred Stacia to act on her principles and share LilyBee with the world. The arrival of Kio was a big motivator in how to leave the Earth in a better state for him, and in time, his children. 2 & ½ years later and LilyBee Wrap has saved 14 million metres of plastic from entering our oceans and landfill and created an online community of over 70k people. At the point of employing people, Stacia implemented ‘mum hours’ unearthing the untapped resource of mums in the workplace from 9am – 2pm.  LilyBee Wrap is still a woman owned and operated business run by Stacia, with community and family culture remaining at the heart of the business with team lunches, eco culture and flexible hours.

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