Ben and George Bostock

Meet Ben and George Bostock, brothers, and co-founders of Bostock Brothers Organic Free-Range Chicken, New Zealand’s only organic chicken producers.

Ben and George grew up on their family’s organic apple orchard, and both share a passion for healthy, safe growing practices. Organics is in their blood after their parents “John and Vicki”, converted their conventional apple orchards to organic in 1996, a practice still maintained today.


The idea to create a commercial chicken operation came about when Ben worked in the meat industry and witnessed the limited control farmers had in the supply chain. Ben wanted to create a business with full control from the beginning to the end consumer. 

The brothers are determined to give their organic chickens the best life. Their apple orchard provides the perfect environment to farm organic chickens. The birds enjoy a happy life roaming freely among the apple trees and are housed in uniquely designed French chalets, which are clean and spacious and enable the chickens to roam without restrictions once they are fully feathered.